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Whether it’s detailing your daily drive, brand new super car or super rare classic at Excel Dents we offer the highest standard in the industry. Combining years of experience with outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction. using the highest quality products, and with 20 years detailing experience we can offer your vehicle the ultimate in reflection and protection detailing packages. We work on all makes of vehicle, from Ford to Ferrari, BMW to Bugatti and everything in between offering the same unparalleled quality and aftercare service to each and every customer.

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Paint correction

Paint Correction

Our paint correction service removes any paint work imperfections.Removing scratches, swirls, bird lime and scuffs leaving your vehicles paintwork as good as new.

This is the ultimate in paint refinishing, the process will produce a mirror finish on any paint work. You will be stunned at the results.  

Body work is washed and clayed. All brightwork is then wet sanded to flat the paintwork. A 5 stage machine polish gives it that mirror finish. The vehicle is then waxed.

We recommend a GTechniq coating on all paint corrections.

Paint enhancement

Paint Enhancement

Our paint enhancement services will leave your vehicle looking like new.The bodywork is washed, then clay barred to remove any surface contaimination.

A two stage machine polish using a medium and fine compound will bring the paint work back to life while removing any light scratches, mirrormars and swirls.

The body work is then polished or waxed to the customers requirements.

We can finish the paint work with Gtechniq to minimise the risk of future paint contamination.

Paint protection

Paint Protection

Our paint protection applications are aimed to protect everything on your vehicle from the harsh elements that cars face on every trip.

From full vehicle (interior & exterior) protections to our special winter protection it's the perfect way to protect your vehicle and its resale value.